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 Whether you want a bold look, sedate, fun, or just something to keep the dust off, we can help you find a solution. With over 1,000 frame samples to choose from in house, and many more available through our suppliers, there are plenty of choices to create that special look. 


Having a hard time finding a type of frame anywhere else?  Let us search for you. We can locate many tough-to-find items such as bird's eye maple and other specialty items.
Along with a wide selection of standard white core matboards, we carry black core and solid core boards, suedes, metallics, fabric matboards, and the colorful core boards you see to the right.  We also carry a selection of museum boards for your higher quality framing.
   Here's an example of choosing a framing package.  We start with the picture, in this case, William S. Phillip's Westbound: A Date with the General.  This fantastic image includes the names of the crewmembers who manned this WW-II plane.  It's signed by the artist as well as surviving  Doolittle's Raiders.   For this framing job, we are looking at how well the green solid core mat works between the gold frame and the limited edition print.
  Fabric liners were the rage with canvases at one time.  Now we have more alternatives.  The canvas at the right, Judy Larson's The Crow Tipi, has a rustic dark brown frame with a silver rope enhancer just inside that frame.  While fabric liners are available for those who choose, we have a wide variety of enhancers as well.  The choice is yours.  One of the endearing characteristics of enhancers for many busy art lovers is the low maintenance compared to the easy-to-discolor fabric liners.

  So many times, the piece of art seems to dictate the framing.  Here, with Bev Doolittle's Shoshone Switchback, the picture calls for understated elegance.  A coarse linen weave mat, surrounded by a darker inner mat, and finished with a faux stone frame, sets off the scene of Indians on the trail.
At other times, a bolder touch is required.  This beautiful watercolor of irises was previously in a frame that dulled the picture.  Our treatment, with the bold blue frame and fine line of blue surrounding the watercolor, makes the picture pop.  The white mat between brings out the flowers while balancing out the blue so it does not overwhelm the viewer.
    This piece is just for fun.  Sandwiched between two sheets of glass, this isn’t even close to conservation framing.  But, if you want something playful and have no desire to preserve it throughout generations, it may be just what you are looking for.

A metallic matboard brings out the browns and blacks in this wonderful handcolored quail print.  The frame, black with gold accents, reinforces this.  

   Preserve those memories of the events in your life.  These items commemorate a customer (a Packer’s fan) and his family going to Colorado for a game between the Packers and the Broncos.  A recessed area for the program/magazine was made so it can be removed in good condition.  The game ticket is likewise conservation mounted.  The photos, easily reproduced, were wet mounted to the matboard to provide a cost effective framing job.
Preserving memories can take many forms.  This composition is of four postcards from Africa.  These are treasured possessions, as the postcards were purchased on the last trip the customer was able to make with her mother. 

The postcards are mounted fully intact using conservation methods.  The glass provides UV protection.  These methods will allow the postcards to be displayed for years to come. 


This beautiful rug was brought back from South America by a customer's son.  The rug was hand-stitched to the mounting board to help maintain the form of the rug.  Stitches were hidden in the weave of the rug. 
  Here is the same picture, in four different styles.  Looking at each one, a person can imagine the different kinds of rooms where each picture would be best suited.  Consider the surrounding room, furniture, pictures, and decor, when you consider the type of framing you would like.  
  Whatever your considerations may be, a framing solution is out there, custom-made for your picture and you.  Bring your framing challenges in today, and let us help bring out the beauty in your art.







Lee – Thanks for permission to photograph the irises.  What a beauty you brought in.  The postcards were another wonderful project.   It's a joy having you as a customer.
Robin – You showed us this great idea and then let us put a picture on our site as well.  Thank you.
Tiffany – Thanks for the pleasure of framing your work and letting us show it on this site.  It’s very much appreciated.
Don – What fun items you bring us!  And if the Broncos had to lose, at least it was to your team.
Hillary - What a beautiful rug.  Thanks for bringing the rug, and your story, to our shop.

Photography:  Framing wall and display showing four different frames with same picture - thanks to Will and Bob of  Matboards, Westbound: A Date with the General, The Crow Tipi, Shoshone Switchback, Irises, Dancing Girl and Boy, diploma and memorabilia, football game memorabilia - photos by Laura Laundre. 

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