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Artists Featured at Lodestone Gallery

Jessica Holm
Jessica Holm Pets are charming. The English country side is charming. Together they are disarming, combined and in the art of Jessica Holm. [...]
Donna Howell-Sickles
Donna Howell-Sickles They have energy, wit, wisdom and self-awareness. They have charm, style, independence and a love of animals that goes beyond [...]
Wilson Hurley
Wilson Hurley The decision to become an artist is not always easy. It took Wilson Hurley decades and two careers before he followed his muse. [...]
J. Russell Jinishian
J. Russell Jinishian
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson This artist puts the wilderness, and the wildlife who resides there, on a pedestal. It holds an esteemed place in his heart and [...]
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy From the glories of nature to the playfulness of sled dogs to the smile of a child, Scott Kennedy has journeyed all over the [...]
Raleigh Kinney
Raleigh Kinney Over the past 30 years, Raleigh Kinney's watercolors have evolved into a natural distinctive style that is a larger than life [...]
Craig Kodera
Craig Kodera Craig Kodera Biography Aviation is this artist’s living. Painting is a joy and a choice; not his career. Craig [...]
Craig Kosak
Craig Kosak
Paul Landry
Paul Landry The work of Paul Landry can brighten a room by its presence alone. Romantic images of flower-filled seaside gardens, cozy [...]
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