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Artists Featured at Lodestone Gallery

Gary Ernest Smith
Gary Ernest Smith
Tucker Smith
Tucker Smith “Painting is ninety percent work,” says Tucker Smith. “The rest is talent, but talent isn’t something you’re simply born [...]
Mort Solberg
Mort Solberg Solberg adds, "To paint what you see is one thing but to feel what you see and to be able to paint that impression is something [...]
David Spiegelberg
David Spiegelberg Born and raised in the Midwest, I relocated to Arizona in 1981. In the fall of 1989, while hiking and exploring the canyons of [...]
Joshua Spies
Joshua Spies This young artist has had the example, encouragement, and help of some of America's best and most well known wildlife [...]
Gennady Spirin
Gennady Spirin Born in the small town of Orekhovo-Zuevo, near Moscow, Spirin studied at the Moscow Art School at the Academy of Arts, then at [...]
Ben Steele
Ben Steele About Ben Steele Steele was born in 1977 in Kennewick, WA. He graduated from University of Utah in 2002 with a BFA in [...]
Charlotte Sternberg
Charlotte Sternberg Sternberg was born and grew up in Meriden, Connecticut, close to where she still lives and works. In both her commercial art [...]
Fred Stubenrauch
Fred Stubenrauch Fred Stubenrauch has developed a unique method of working with copper. Called the "Earth Burial" method, it creates a rich, [...]
Donna Surprenant
Donna Surprenant Donna Surprenant was born in Massachusetts, USA in 1953. Since she first began painting over thirty years ago, nature and art [...]
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