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Artists Featured at Lodestone Gallery

Jean Monti
Jean Monti A daughter, waiting at the door to welcome you home; a son, presenting you with a handpicked bouquet of wildflowers; a [...]
Dean Morrissey
Dean Morrissey Dean Morrissey has been drawing and creating characters since his childhood in Boston. Inspired by Disney matte paintings and [...]
Gregory Newbold
Gregory Newbold "After spending many hours reading about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, I wanted to visit some of the areas they had explored. [...]
John Nieto
John Nieto
Suzi Osuna
Suzi Osuna Suzi cannot remember a time growing up when she didn't draw or paint. At ten years of age she took a life drawing class at the [...]
Tom Palmore
Tom Palmore Tom Palmoreís art defies easy classification. Itís wildlife but, to say the least, itís whimsical wildlife. With titles like [...]
Ed Parker
Ed Parker There is no mistaking the art of Ed Parker. Itís quaint, charming, and cracked. That is, Parker developed a technique for his [...]
Ron Parker
Ron Parker How does someone become an artist when they hadnít been drawing instinctively from an early age? In the case of Ron Parker, it [...]
Peter Parnall
Peter Parnall
Cristina Penescu
Cristina Penescu
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