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Artists Featured at Lodestone Gallery

Daniel Long Soldier
Daniel Long Soldier About Daniel Long Soldier “There are a lot of people,” begins Daniel Long Soldier, “who don’t know the history of our people [...]
Traci Loss
Traci Loss My evolution as an artist took 46 years. I was born in the Midwest, where at an early age I began to sketch contemporary [...]
Tom Lovell
Tom Lovell 1909 - 1997 A Native American finding a Raggedy Ann doll on a lonely western road. A man teaching his blonde, [...]
Stephen Lyman
Stephen Lyman “He paints the wilderness with a knowledge and genuineness that can only be expressed by someone who has ‘been there’.” – Bev [...]
Howard Lyon
Howard Lyon
Michael Mao
Michael Mao Michael Mao grew up in Shanghai, China. He began teaching himself drawing and painting at the young age of seven. He also [...]
Rita Marandino
Rita Marandino Painting in the tradition of the old masters and the 19th century impressionists Rita Marandino creates beautiful still lifes, [...]
Socrates Marquez
Socrates Marquez
Bonnie Marris
Bonnie Marris Bonnie Marris has taken an unusual path into art; she developed her talent by portraying animals “from the inside out.” While [...]
Ken Marschall
Ken Marschall A night to remember in this artist’s young life was the night he first saw A Night to Remember, up to recently the most popular [...]
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